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Due to the heat here in Florida, your air conditioning system most likely is running all the time. After a few years this can problems. These problems can sometimes be obvious, like if your central ac system blowing warm air or making a strange noise, but most of the time you may not be aware of the problems progressing within your AC system.

At Wholesale A/c Services, we specialize in air conditioning maintenance and ac repairs. We’re always available to ensure you’re comfortable when you need it most. We have many years of experience performing quality repairs and service for most residential air conditioning and central AC Systems, from diagnostics and regular maintenance checks to ac unit repairs. Our licensed technicians are knowledgeable about most makes and models of air conditioners.


When to Call for AC Repairs?

So how do you know if you are in need of ac repairs? Obviously, you must call for AC repair, if you don’t have any cool air coming into your home at all. With the heat of Florida bearing down, we cannot go for long without effective air conditioning.

But it’s also important to call for ac services long before a system breaks down. That way, you can save on the overall cost of repair and prevent additional components from wearing out and costing even more to fix. Below are some issues your home ac unit may have when you may need to call for ac services.

  • Any unusual sounds from the inside or outside unit
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • A lack of airflow
  • Frozen coils
  • Water leaks





Not Sure If You Need A Central AC Repair?

ac repair

You should know that your air conditioner needs some maintenance from time to time. This is what ensures that it is always working properly to maintain your home at the right temperature. However, some people tend to neglect central AC maintenance.


The reality is that air conditioners usually send signs before they break down. So, you just need to pay attention to these signs and fix them early on. This will ensure that your central AC repair is more affordable as well as your AC will last longer. Proper maintenance and addressing needed AC repairs early, will avoid the expensive cost associated with a replacing your home or business with a new AC unit.




5 Signs Your AC Sends That May Mean You Need A Central AC Repair



#1: Your AC Is Blowing Hot Air:


If you just noticed that your AC is blowing hot air, then you need to fix it immediately. This may indicate that it has a refrigerant leak or a broken compressor. No matter the case, you know you need your AC repaired. The sooner you call for AC Service, the sooner you will be able to use your AC again.



#2:  Strange Sounds:


While most AC’s don’t make a lot of noise, some do more than others. However, you need to pay attention to the strange sounds that you have never heard before.


Ultimately, you should not hear grinding, squealing, grating, or other loud sounds. Notice that at this point and without hearing the strange sound, we can’t know what kind of central AC repair you need. Nevertheless, these strange sounds aren’t normal and they mean that you need to perform central AC maintenance.



#3: Moisture near Your AC System:


If you just noticed that you have some leaks or moisture around your AC system, this surely tells you that you have a problem. No matter if it is a minor leak or a major one, you need to take care of the problem immediately.


Sometimes this is a minor issue. There may be something blocking the drain tube that channels the condensation away from the air conditioner, for example. While this can’t be said that it’s an emergency, you will want to fix it to avoid creating an environment for mold growth.


In other situations, moisture can mean that you have a refrigerant leak. This is a more serious problem and should be solved immediately.


No matter what, you should try to make this central AC repair as soon as possible to prevent further problems.



#4: Strange Smells:


Air conditioners don’t have any particular smell. So, if you started noticing a strange smell when you turn your air conditioner on, especially if it is a strong, pungent smell, this may mean that the wire insulation in the system is burned and needs to be replaced.


In case you notice a musty smell, it usually indicates mold, which puts your family’s health at risk.



#5: High Humidity Levels:


As you already know, one of the jobs of your air conditioner is to ensure that they remove humidity from the air inside your home. So, if you notice water pooling around windows or a sticky feeling to the air inside your home, it’s a good indication that your air conditioner isn’t working properly.


If you are experiencing any of the above Air Conditioning problems listed above or any issue at all, we are ready to repair it quickly and affordably. We serve all of the Dade County area.

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